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Tapahtumatuloste - The International Rauma (INR) Thonkathon


The International Rauma (INR) Thonkathon

The International Rauma (INR) Thonkathon is a forum of thoughts for students. They are given the opportunity to meet established business leaders from Rauma and discuss with them the problems the international youth is facing in Rauma today, but also the chances they see for the future. The INR Thonkathon wants to help students and companies to form networks and exchange visions for the future: We will build bridges, together!

14:00 Doors Open

14:15 Host Speech
Welcome to the first Thonkathon

14:30 Maria Kuivamäki
Oras International Marketing & Brand Development

15:00 Roundtable Talk
Seppo Cartoon, Experiencing culture

15:30 Break

15:45 Akseli Kordelin, Nipromec
Bolster Beyond Borders

16:15 Break

16:30 Student Speech
A Clash Of Cultures

17:00 Food Walk/Break
A taste of the world

17:30 Jani Järvi, Euroports
Internationalization slipping into worklife

18:00 Panel Discussion
Jobs for the youth

18:30 Host Speech
Rauma going forward

18:50 See you next year!