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Tapahtumatuloste - Webinars on Older People Care


Webinars on Older People Care

From 9th to 12th December SAMK nurse students will give eight 50 minutes webinars of older people care. After each webinar there will be 10 minutes for discussions. Participants have an opportunity to ask questions or comment online. The webinars will be recorded and the link added on SAMK webpage so it is possible to watch them afterwards. Instructions for the participants:

The dates and topics with links are:

9.12. at 10.00 Legislation and Ethics in Older People Care, link

9.12. at 11.00 Gerontological Nursing in Different Context, link

10.12. at 10.00 Spesific features of older people for health care professionals, link

10.12. at 11.00 Older People Mental Health Disorders and Substance Abuse, link

11.12. at 10.00 Older People Memory Disorders, link

11.12. at 11.00 Older People Nutrition, link

12.12. at 10.00 Older People Rehabilitation, link

12.12. Older people End-of-Life Care, link

Warmly welcome! (NB. You do not need to enroll on the webinars.)
Johanna Kero & Johanna Simon-Bellamy